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最近USBの認識できる起動FDというか起動CD-ROMが欲しくて探したらたどり着いた。 このあたりからゲット


basename : Display file namename bmgrep : Fast pattern matching utility cal : Display calendar cat : Concatenate files cdiff : Context difference cgrep : Searches file for pattern and display context chmod : Change file attributes cmp : Compare two files comm : Select or reject lines common to two sorted files cp : Copy files cpio : Archive files csplit : Context or line file splitter cut : Cut data out of a file USAGE : doc file


date : Display / change date and time dd : Data copy df : Display Disk Free space dirname : Extract directory name from filename du : Display disk usage expr : Evaluate arguments as expression fgrep : Searches file for string find : Search dir tree for files matching req. fold : Fold long lines to stdout fstat : Print file status information grep : Searches file for pattern head : Display file headers ls : List directory


m4 : M4 Macro processor make : Makefile processor mkdir : Make path mv : Move files od : octal dump printarg : Print arguments to stdout printenv : Print environment to stdout rm : Remove files rmdir : Remove directories setschar : Set switch character sleep : Wait for n seconds sort : Sort files split : Split file into n line parts


strings : Display the strings in files sym Display symbolic info from obj and lib files tail : Print tail of file tee : Copy stdin to one or more files and standard output touch : Change a file’s time stamp or size tput : Output a termcap string tr : Translate characters uniq : Display unique lines wc : Count number of words in file which : Display the dir containing a command from PATH





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